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Our Outside Field Service Delivers 24/7

Electric Motor Technology realizes that you have a lot riding on your motors. Even the slightest degree of equipment failure can result in idle production, under-utilized employees, and lost deadlines. That’s why our expert team of field technicians and engineers are always at-the-ready in case problems arise that can only be solved on-site.

Their approach is really quite simple: provide expert customer service while treating everyone honestly and respectfully. Whether EMT helps you with an electric motor repair, a new motor purchase, or emergency service, you will soon understand why so many customers put their full trust in EMT to get their operation back up and running.

Call Electric Motor Technology for Emergency Service

Give us a call day or night and we’ll quickly dispatch a team that can assess your situation and provide solutions before times gets out of hand. Each team is completely self-contained, armed with the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to make the repairs right away, right on the spot.

Avoid Future Emergencies with Predictive/ Preventive Maintenance Programs

In this process we align two or more shafts with each other to within a tolerated margin. It is an absolute requirement that machinery undergo alignment before being placed in service. EMT has two laser alignment tools (a VibrSlign and a Ludeca Rotalign) to insure fast response and quality alignment.
Fans, shafts rotors and impellers should be balanced prior to use and checked periodically. EMT typically performs balancing in our facility using a Dynabal balancing machine and an IRD balancing machine. However, we can also perform balancing in the customer’s facility using our IRD 256 portable balancer.
A properly executed vibration analysis allows the user to evaluate the condition of equipment and avoid failures. Maintenance personnel can minimize unplanned downtime by scheduling needed repairs during normal maintenance shutdowns. EMT uses a Comtest Vibration analyzer to perform this service.
EMT has the experienced personnel to assist or commission your large motor upon initial start-up.
This non-invasive, non-destructive inspection process uses thermography cameras to gather temperature signatures that lie far beyond the range of visible light. Data obtained by the infrared analysis is used by EMT to detect problems before they become serious. As such, infrared thermography adds an invaluable dimension to your building diagnostics and preventative maintenance program. EMT uses an SKS thermography camera to perform this service for many of our customers.
Let EMT Customize a Predictive/Preventive Maintenance Program for You!