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Our Motor Repair Business Runs on Superior Service

Cincinnati was certainly not lacking for electric motor repair shops when Andy Butz and Dwaine York decided to launch Electric Motor Technologies in May 1999. Given the region’s long history as an industrial hub, they were aware of the many entrenched competitors they’d be facing. But from the very beginning these two men saw that they could make their mark by providing the market with a higher level of customer service than what other shops were offering at the time.

Their approach is really quite simple: provide expert customer service while treating everyone honestly and respectfully. Whether EMT helps you with an electric motor repair, a new motor purchase, or emergency service, you will soon understand why so many customers put their full trust in EMT to get their operation back up and running.

How We Can Better Serve You

Our 40,000 square service facility and its 40 TON crane allows us repair any size motor in-house

Three convenient facilities providing expert, local service to both Cincinnati and Dayton-area businesses.

A dedicated servo repair center was added to our main facility in order to meet the growing needs of this new technology

We are now a 2-shift operation, making us more around the clock than the other local motor repair companies

EMT’s field service team is solely focused to taking our expertise on-site for emergency needs and scheduled motor servicing, 24/7/365


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