August 24, 2018

For years EMT has taken calls from customers looking to repair or buy the single-phase type of commercial and residential motors that we unfortunately weren’t able to handle.

But that’s happily no longer the case.

EMT has recently purchased the motor repair company to whom we would exclusively refer those callers: Wheatley Electric Service Company. And as it turns out, the acquisition has proven to be a perfect outcome for both companies and their respective customers.

Our companies have long been considered competitors. In reality, though, Wheatley had actually focused more of their business on the single-phase motors found in commercial and residential HVAC systems, swimming pools and hot tubs. Although Wheatley also ventured into 3-phase industrial motors, that area of the business has primarily been EMT’s mainstay since the company’s start in 1999.

A natural opportunity arose when Wheatley’s owners Jim and Dorothy Elsbrock began talking about selling their company as part of a much-deserved retirement. For us it was more than simply expanding EMT’s product and service offerings across the tri-state. We’re really excited by having the ability to work more closely with those commercial companies that we weren’t capable of accommodating in the past.

And Wheatley’s sizeable parts inventory will allow us to offer an even more expansive inventory of stock, including blower wheels, fan blades, belts, pulleys capacitors, and the like.

Most importantly, the purchase also helped ensure that the Elsbrock’s 84-year-old family business could continue to serve it’s loyal customers as it always has.

As part of the deal, EMT has assumed ownership of Wheatley’s service facility in Norwood, which will now operate as EMT-Norwood. Long-time customers will also be glad to know that all of Wheatley employees have decided to stay on board with us.

Be sure to welcome them into the EMT family the next time you drop by their EMT-Norwood shop!