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Nothing Is as Thorough as EMT’s 26-Point Inspection

Our motor repair technicians make no casual assumptions when assessing a motor sent to us for inspection and/or repair.

Instead, we rely on our thorough 26-point inspection process to give us a definitive assessment of the problem. This in turn serves as the basis for our firm quote, which contains a guarantee that you will not face extra charges for unforeseen problems.

Be assured that you will not face unforeseen problems or expense when the motor repair inspection process includes the following steps:

  • Check the overall condition of the motor
  • Check connected voltage
  • Megger test the motor
  • Test run the motor (if possible), recording Voltage, Speed and Current
  • Perform a rotor test
  • Scope the stator winding
  • Check the output shaft (runout, size, keyway)
  • Check and record measurements on the coupling/pulley
  • Record bearing numbers and type
  • Check #1 bearing journal and record measurement
  • Check #2 bearing journal and record measurement
  • Check #1 bearing housing and record measurement
  • Check #2 bearing housing and record measurement
  • Check lead markings and record
  • Check motor fan (if applicable)
  • Check bearing caps (if applicable)
  • Check feet for cracks, breakage, and flatness
  • Check conduit box
  • Check for end play
  • Check overloads (if applicable)
  • Record mechanic’s name for future reference
  • Perform final testing
  • Record volts
  • Record current
  • Record speed
  • Obtain formal sign-off by mechanic and supervisor as final verification of the repair’s completion and motor’s high level performance



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