EMT Now Offers Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair.

EMT recently began to provide Yaskawa servo motor repair service after hearing of the difficulty some companies were facing getting proper service on their Yasakwa equipment. Here’s one story of the extreme measures one customer was forced to take before EMT stepped in to help.

It’s no secret that counting on any original manufacturer to handle your servo motor repair can end up costing you a lot of time and money. Typical turnarounds on such repairs can easily exceed a month, especially when the manufacturer’s facilities are overseas.

But even we were surprised recently by the extent to which one of our newest customers had been going to avoid sending their Yaskawa Servo Motors back to the factory.

Their solution was to simply buy a new Yaskawa servo motor as a replacement any time an existing motor became inoperable!

Although this was an expensive route to take, it did save them from the costly downtime that a lengthy repair would have caused. When you also factor in the benefit of being spared the hassle of interacting with the factory, you might see how this approach was justified.

So you probably can imagine this customer’s excitement to hear that EMT has recently become the first motor repair shop in the Tri-State to offer expert Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair. Fortunate for the both of us, EMT is now their Yaskawa repair solution.

But why our interest in Yaskawa?

Over the past years, the Yaskawa Servo Motors brand has enjoyed incredible growth as a key component in robotic automation systems. This has resulted in increased interest by our manufacturing customers for a better Yaskawa Servo Motor repair option.

To that end, we have dedicated ourselves to offering the best Yaskawa service available anywhere. We’ve engineered our own test fixtures and specially trained our service techs…thereby ensuring a repaired Yaskawa Servo Motor is returned to its original factory standards.

And just as importantly, those repairs are provided with faster turnaround time and less out-of-pocket expense.